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Lasta Game Jam: Game Design Contest

As a part of the national LASTA Young Curators Festival this year, glór is running its first ever Game Jam, an online design contest open to video game developers of all levels across the country – from well-seasoned veterans to first-time developers. glór is thrilled to host this innovative online event, curated by resident Young Curator (and game enthusiast!) Ciara Miesle. We are excited and hopeful to reach a new corner of the Irish artistic scene with our first ever game jam contest! Keep reading to find out more…

  • Registration deadline: Fri 10 May
  • Submission window: 10-24 May (14 days)
  • Register here:
  • Prize: The winner of the game jam will be awarded €200, with a second runner up prize of €100. Each will be invited to glór during the week of the LASTA young Curatos Festival reception event on Thursday 6 June, 5.30pm.

“Video games are an increasingly impactful artistic medium, but we feel that this fact isn’t well-reflected in formal art spaces. We hope that this collaborative event will allow for our community to discover a new appreciation for the medium, as well as foster new relationships with aspiring game developers.” Ciara Miesle and Rowan Watson Bradshaw (glór Young Curators 2023-24)

A game jam is an intensive challenge in which an individual or team will work towards creating a video game from scratch in a limited time frame. Details of a jam vary on a case-by-case basis but no matter what, the event is a great way to experiment, make connections, and test your creativity!

In the LASTA Game Jam, competitors will have two weeks, or fourteen days, to complete their game based on a to-be-announced theme.

“All the world’s a stage … and all the men and women merely players.” William Shakespeare

Your theme is this famous Shakespeare quote from As You Like It – and we can’t wait to see what theatrical video game ideas everyone comes up with!

About the Entrant

  • Entrants should be over 18 OR have parental permission to enter the jam.
  • Entrants must be based in either The Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. In the case of a team entry, at least one individual team member must meet this requirement.
  • You may enter individually or on a team of up to three people.
  • Entrants must be respectful of other competitors and their work in shared spaces, such as on the discord sever or the community page.

About the Game

  • The game must be made entirely within the two-week submission window, from the 10 May to 24 May. You may use pre-existing code, as long as it was not made specifically for use in this jam.
  • Submitted games can be made in any engine, provided the uploaded file can either run on Windows or in-browser. Unfortunately, we cannot consider Virtual Reality (VR) games for this jam.
  • The submitted game must incorporate the theme in a meaningful way.
  • Entries cannot contain content that could be described as discriminatory, offensive, or pornographic.
  • We allow the use of pre-made, publicly available, and purchased assets such as art and audio, provided you have the legal rights to use them. We ask that you credit any assets that you do not make yourselves.
  • We do not allow the use of generative AI in this competition.

The winner of the game jam will be awarded €200, with a second runner up prize of €100. The winner and runner up will also be invited to glór in Ennis, Co. Clare during the week of the Young Curators’ Festival to attend a reception event (Thursday 6 June, 5.30pm).

The entries will be ranked by a panel of judges arranged by glór and games will be rated on:

  • Game Design: Is the game intuitive? Does it engage the player? Would it bring repeat players back to it?
  • Audio and Graphic Design: Does the game have a unique or pleasing aesthetic? Does the audio engage the player? How is the game as a stylistic experience?
  • Innovation and Originality: Is the game original in its gameplay? Does it have a compelling narrative? Does it bring a new twist to an established norm?
  • Accessibility: Is the game adjustable for players’ individual needs? Does it take ease of use into account?
  • Theme: How well does the game incorporate the theme?

If you would like to learn more about the jam and how to enter, visit our page here.

Any enquiries can be directed to


The event is part of a week-long festival featuring exhibitions, theatre and workshops devised by glór’s two resident young curators Ciara Miesle and Rowan Watson Bradshaw. The LASTA Young Curators Festival is a collaboration across several Nasc Regional Venue Networks  from Letterkenny to Tralee, programmed by a team of young people selected by a national open call. Its aim is to diversify programming for younger audiences in a national arts festival for young people, by young people.