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Quare Clare presents The 38th House on the Left by Douglas Reddan


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Duration: 58 Mins

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Directed by Douglas Reddan | Ireland 2023 | Cert: CLUB | 58 mins | Not Subtitled | 

QuareClare is happy to open Clare Pride 2023 with a screening  of The 38th House on the Left, a film by Douglas Reddan, Movement Artist, Choreographer and Director from Quin, Co. Clare.

The 38th House on the Left is a mesmerizing episodic dance and poetry infused film that follows the journey of its central character as he navigates through different mental states in search of his true self. Set to the evocative soundtrack of Harry Styles’ critically acclaimed album ‘Fine Line’, this film is an exploration of the human experience and our ability to process difficult moments.

On this journey, we experience the highs and lows of self-discovery, learning to embrace his vulnerabilities and celebrate his unique journey.
The themes of love, discovery, and celebration of oneself are woven throughout the film, as the character learns to navigate his past and present and embrace his true identity. The use of dance and poetry serves to amplify the emotional intensity of each scene, with every movement and word
conveying a deep sense of vulnerability and authenticity.

As the character moves through each mental state, he gradually sheds his inhibitions and embraces a new sense of freedom and liberation. The film is both exciting and vulnerable, full of life and love, and ultimately represents a journey home, the journey back to oneself. The film asks the audience to reflect on the question “what do you know of love?” as it explores the power of love to transform and heal even the most wounded of souls.

The 38th House on the Left is a powerful cinematic experience that offers a profound exploration of the human condition. With breathtaking cinematography and a soulful soundtrack, this film is a must-see for anyone seeking to find their way back to themselves and celebrate the power of love.

Director/ Douglas Reddan
Co Director / Leah Moore
Producer/ Tamar Keane
Score / Jack O’Donoghue
Script/ Jeremy Lloyd Santos
Choreography / Douglas Reddan in collaboration with Zacc Milne

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Douglas Reddan (He/Him).

Doug Reddan is a Movement Artist, Choreographer, & Director from a little village in Co. Clare called Quin. Doug is a coffee addict, connection craver, curious filmmaker, a proud Clare man, proud Libra and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

For the past five years Doug has been working, training & developing his artistry in Dublin, while also completing a Bsc in Retail & Services Management in Technology University Dublin. Fly Dance Company has been his home away from home and where a lot of his movement base developed. Doug is fascinated by extremes, the emotional body and using movement as a Holistic practice. Interdisciplinary Art forms is where he find myself dabbling in and exploring most, with a passion for the Dance & Film Intersect.

Outside of the arts, Doug enjoys all and any grounding activities that involve any elements of ‘living life to the fullest.’ Swimming in the sea, family time, sunsets, road tripping, cooking, walking, a good cup of tea with a friend, singsongs. Etc, etc. You know those things that just fill your soul with joy!

I like to say that I am consciously MOVING through life …Literally. Producing emotive and meaningful art through honesty, empathy and heart. And just laughing a lot along the way.

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