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Music Network presents 10 String Symphony: NEW DATE


  • Wednesday 12 May 8:00pm

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€16/€14 Conc./€8 under 18s
Friends' Event

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Christian Sedelmyer, fiddle, vocals | Rachel Baiman, fiddle, banjo, vocals

Take ten strings, add two seductive voices, one shared sense of social justice, and that all tots up to a dynamic and quietly authoritative duo, in the best tradition of Guthrie and Seeger. Christian Sedelmyer and Rachel Baiman are artists whose roots are firmly in the old-timey Americana tradition, but whose musical explorations take them fearlessly into the present and beyond, creating songs and sound worlds that are immediate, compelling and a welcome antidote to the comfort of familiarity that often prevails in popular artistic endeavour.

These are musicians whose prime inspiration is our world and how we live in it. Their engagement with life, with art, with nature, with global challenges, is delivered with stunning musicianship, wit, humour, and warm communication, they are champions of change, and though just two in number, their sound and impact is massively amplified by their bright and brilliant use of technology and clever arrangements. These are truly musicians of our time.