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Luka Bloom and The Fiddle Case


  • Friday 10 May 8:00pm

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Tickets: €22.50

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In the last year Luka Bloom and The Fiddle Case have performed together in Doolin and in Belgium. Recently The Fiddle Case released their latest record Write Me a Letter, and Luka released a record from a live radio concert in Bremen, 2001, called Sometimes I Fly.

This glór concert is a celebration of these two records, as well as the ongoing friendship between Luka Bloom and the Fiddle Case.’

Friends. Music. Both are crucial for this happy life.  Most of the time I travel around the world singing songs. When I come home to Clare, I walk the beach, drink coffee in one of the many cafés in North Clare, and sing songs with my friends The Fiddle Case.    Luka Bloom