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Little Door Theatre Company presents Nine Stories About Love


  • Wednesday 26 February 10:00am
  • Wednesday 26 February 12:00pm

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€6. Teachers free of charge.
Suitable for children aged 5-9 years and grownups.

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Meet the man who felt full of rain, the little girl who found a bird, the watering can who didn’t know what love was…. Let yourself be guided on a poetic journey through a landscape of stories, where dreams and inner thoughts of human and natural world are intertwined. This show is about love, connection and belonging, to each other and the world around us.

Based on the book, ‘Nine Stories about Love’ by Giovanna Zoboli and Ana Ventura, it incorporates puppetry, shadow play and performance.

9 Stories of Love during Baboró © Anita Murphy 2019

Two performers are on stage, in their own world, cutting shapes from paper and revealing a creative process that also references the aesthetics of the book. The show unfolds through puppetry, storytelling, shadow play and imagery.
Set in an imaginary town, they take the audience on a journey, introducing them to the different characters who live there. The lady with the watering can, the man full of rain, The little girl who found a bird, the busy man, the boy who loved reading stories and the watering can who didn’t know what love was. These characters reveal their inner lives; The lady with the watering can is always close at hand bringing her care and attention to everything and everyone she meets. By the end of the show the performers have told different stories through different mediums and the Lady of the watering can has made the place where she lives greener and its inhabitants more aware about what love is.

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