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Lasta Young Curators’ Festival 2024: Inspired by The Nerdy Artistic


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Launching on Thursday 6 June
All welcome

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Runs in glór gallery from Tuesday 4th – Saturday 8th June. Launches on Thursday 6th June at 5.30pm – all welcome.
Featured Image: Curse by Mia Farrel (Detail)

Want to see how nerd culture has impacted our young, up-and-coming Clare artists?
glór, Ennis is excited for our upcoming gallery exhibition, entitled Inspired By: A Celebration of the Nerdy Artistic. Featuring local, young artists who responded to our recent open call, the exhibition highlights how nerd and geek culture has permeated the newer generation of artists. If you are passionate about books, television, anime, video games, or anything else nerdy, you’ll be right at home here!

‘Inspired By’ is a part of the larger LASTA festival, a national festival that glór and its partner venues have teamed up to present in 2024 across seven regional theatres – from Letterkenny to Tralee, from Ennis to Longford. The festival is entirely programmed by the team of young people selected through a nationwide open call in order to bring the arts to the younger generation. This year Clare’s Young Curators’ Festival will be led by Ciara Miesle and Rowan Watson Bradshaw.

Meet the Artists!

Manoela Turra is a Brazillian exchange student living in Ennis. During the COVID pandemic, video games helped her disassociate herself from all the insecurities of the present. She is displaying two pieces inspired by the JRPGs Persona 4 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses respectively.
“Even if I can make one person happy with a little doodle or a full piece, that will be enough for me.”

Sophie O’Sullivan currently attends Colaiste Muire as a Transition Year Student. With a strong interest in art and design, she enjoys employing contrasting and complimentary colours in her work. Sophie appreciates the communal aspect of video gaming, especially within Red Dead Redemption 2.

Vincent Moran is 15 years old and is passionate about music, art and many different games and shows! They appreciate the complex writing of shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and the art style of the game Night in the Woods. Their work is a celebration of that which they love.

Angelliane Mabale was born in the Philippines and just moved to County Clare a few years ago. Inspired by webtoons like The Girlfriend Manual, she has recently started creating digital pieces. She hopes her art will help express her own perspective of the world and share her love of the romance genre to others.
“I always felt like romance consumption was something to hide, but I want to tell the future generations that it is okay to love something.”

Cuan Berrow is a 17-year-old aspiring prop designer. Our only sculptor in the exhibition, his work displays purposeful and creative use of materials. He is heavily inspired by classic cartoons and high fantasy.

Lia Crilly has been creatively inclined their whole life, with a focus on character art and design. Nerd culture is a vessel for them to funnel this creativity, mainly through Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons. They enjoy portraying the unorthodox in her work.
“I typically try to subvert expectations associated with a character’s race or class, or by embracing the more exotic character species the game supports, or through the development of my own”.

Mia Farrel is an acrylic artist who likes to take influenced by environment she grew up in, from the landscape to the folklore. Mia takes a lot of inspiration from stories, shows and mythology, and loves exploring their individual premises in a more surreal style. She is currently studying animation at IADT.

Having lived all over the west of Ireland, Conor Francis is currently a Printmaking student at LSAD with an interest in a little of everything. He has recently delved into exploring and creating their own fantasy art.
“I have always found time for doodling and games, often at the expense of a good night’s sleep and a lot of missing homework. It’s always nice when the time and energy you put into your hobbies combine to create something unique.”

Inspired By: A Celebration of the Nerdy Artistic will be open free of charge to the public in the glor gallery space from Tuesday 4th June to Saturday 8th June. Exhibition Launch takes place Thursday 6 June at 5.30pm, all welcome.

glór presents the programme for the 3rd Lasta National Arts Festival, a festival of events programmed for young people by young people, which will take place between Tuesday 4th – Saturday 8th June.

The full Lasta Festival Programme for glór is available HERE

glór is one of seven venues nationwide who have teamed up to present this exciting event in cities and towns across the country, from Letterkenny to Tralee, from Ennis to Portlaoise.

The Lasta programme for glór has been curated by two young Clare-based curators – Ciara Miesle and Rowan Watson Bradshaw, selected through an open call in 2023.  Since then, these Young Curators have had the opportunity to meet up with curators from other venues nationwide. They received mentoring from industry professionals in marketing, touring and venue management and learned about negotiating deals, how to approach artists and companies, and how to manage budgets.

Ciara and Rowan have pulled together an ambitious programme taking inspiration from casual nerd culture.

The Lasta Festival, based on a project originally conceived and delivered by Backstage Theatre in Longford and now in its third year, has blossomed to include venues and individual curators nationwide, and an expanding programme of exciting, multidisciplinary work.  In an innovative and exciting approach to programming, 19 young curators have been engaged by seven regional venues (including glór) to programme a festival of work for young people nationwide. Under the guidance of theatre artist Maisie Lee, these young people will work collaboratively to deliver an ambitious line up of work.  Featuring multiple disciplines and reflecting the diversity of modern Ireland, this festival offers a unique opportunity to develop our future arts programmers and producers. The line-up for this year’s festival will feature theatre, music, comedy, gaming, visual arts, dance, film, photography and experiential moments promising a fresh, fun, and exciting festival.

The seven regional venues involved in the initiative are Backstage Theatre (Longford) Dunamaise Arts Centre (Portlaoise) glór (Ennis) An Grianán (Letterkenny) The Lime Tree Theatre (Limerick) Siamsa Tíre (Tralee) and Town Hall Theatre (Galway)