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Lark in Ennis: All Events

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Monday 20th - Friday 24th
Events from 10am in various venues
Tickets from €10 + €1 Booking fee

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Welcome to the inaugural Lark in Ennis  – an amazing week of masterclasses about Irish Traditional Music in one of the most musically vibrant locations in Ireland. This is the first ever Lark event outside of California, and we intend for it will become an annual event here in Ennis.

TradTalks @ glór: Monday 20th – Friday 24th May, 12:30-13:45

  • Monday: Concertina Mechanics: Brenda Castles: BOOK TICKETS
  • Tuesday: Growing up Musical: Martin Hayes, Christie McNamara: BOOK TICKETS
  • Wednesday: Reinventing Notation: Steve Cooney: BOOK TICKETS
  • Thursday: PT for Musicians: Sean McComiskey: BOOK TICKETS
  • Friday: Jack Talty Recording Trad: The Story of Realach Records: BOOK TICKETS

Secret Concerts @ The Sanctuary:  Monday 20th – Friday 24th May, 12:30-13:45: BOOK TICKETS

TradTalks @ The Sanctuary: Monday 20th – Friday 24th May, 14:00-15:15

  • Monday: Session Etiquette Panel: Eoin O’Neill Moderating. Panelists: Marla Fibish, Blackie O’Connell: BOOK TICKETS
  • Tuesday: The Harp: Ireland’s iconic instrument: Graínne Hambley: BOOK TICKETS
  • Thursday: Thomas McCarthy – Travelers Tales: BOOK TICKETS

Secret Concerts @ glór:  Monday 20th – Friday 24th May, 14:00-15:15: BOOK TICKETS

Lark in Ennis Faculty Concert: More Information and Booking HERE

Lark Traditional Arts, a California educational nonprofit with a mission to offer immersive teaching events for traditional folk music, song and dance. LTA’s flagship event has been going for nearly 50 years, the famed Lark Camp in Mendocino, California. Some of this year’s Lark in Ennis instructors also teach there.

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