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Ennis Book Club Festival presents Eat Your Words by Rachel Macmanus


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From 12.30pm
Duration: 40 - 60 mins approx.

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Rachel Macmanus presents a durational, interactive live performance art work on Saturday 4th March in glór foyer.

We’ve all had to eat our words on occasion. However, as a gesture of generosity and great benevolence the artist Rachel Macmanus has agreed on this occasion to eat your words for you. All words offered will be eaten, including and not restricted to positive, negative,  descriptive, distasteful, kind, unkind, true and false words. Hysteric and angry words will also be considered for consumption.

The performance is a cathartic action, and a visual show. The idea that you can write a message and have it eaten and swallowed up. Your words can be eaten. Play on the phase- you will eat your words- when you are proven wrong about something or have to admit defeat. This can be a positive or negative experience depending on the context of course. The artist offers to eat your words for free. Swallowing down the thoughts of another, be they good or bad thoughts. (The paper is rice paper, and the pens write in edible ink. )

Rachel Macmanus, a visual and performance artist based in Ennis. Rachel works through drawing and performance. Her drawing takes the form of a community based collaborative practice, which allows an ongoing exploration into the cultural and social nuances of her surroundings. Her performance practice employs endurance based tasks and repetitive action as a way to experience how it feels to be present in a space.

Rachel holds a Masters in Fine Art, Open College of the Arts (UCA) 2019 and a BA in Visual Communications, National College of Art and Design 1997

eat one’s words (third-person singular simple present eats one’s wordspresent participle eating one’s wordssimple past ate one’s wordspast participle eaten one’s words)

  1. (figuratively) To regretor retract what one has said. quotations ▼

He didn’t think I could do it, but I proved him wrong and made him eat his words.

This time, you have to eat your words, because, like it or not, you lost.

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