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Did you know if you’ve got a heartbeat, you’ve got rhythm? Beat Your Drum brings together great rhythm makers from Ireland and around the world to lead short, fun, online workshops so you too can become a drummer.

Check out the workshops below, each exploring a new type of drumming. You don’t even need your own drum and we’ll be showing you how to make brilliant rhythm from things you can find in your kitchen! Pick and mix between Irish, African, Indian, Brazilian, Native American and body percussion or go global and have a go at all the workshops.

Whether you’re practicing with your school band or at home with buckets and bins, there is a way for everyone to take part – in one of the workshops, all you need is your voice!

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Beat Your Drum Finalé

We sent a call from Ireland around the world, asking children and young people to beat their drums as part of Cruinniú na nÓg. From Bali to the United States, from Guinea to Clare, from Dublin to Armagh young people took up the challenge and this is what they made.

Beat your Drum is presented by The Creative Ireland Programme in partnership with glór. Created by Brian Fleming.

Please note this film will premiere at 10am on Saturday 12 June for Cruinniú na nÓg – Ireland’s national day of creativity for children and young people.


Beat Your Drum: Workshop with percussionist Brian Fleming

In this workshop Brian Fleming will guide you through 7 rhythms and a song in 8 minutes, using only your hands, spoons, several hats and a couple of household objects. Video produced as part of Creative Schools Week
Age range: 5-12
About the teacher: Brian Fleming is a percussionist based in Co Clare. He has played on over 50 CDs and in over 30 countries and is credited in the Guinness Book of World records 2001 as one of the creators of the Millennium Drum, the biggest drum in the world. He is the creative director of Beat Your Drum.

Beat Your Drum: Native American Drumming with NaKi and his Dad

Native American Drumming, Dance and Song: Celebrating the special friendship between Irish people and Native Americans stretching all the way back to the Famine, NaKi (17) and his Dad, Ace will show you how the Chickasaw people make their drums and sing and how to create a Snake Dance.
Recommended age group: 5 – 18 years
About the Teacher: NaKiKaRaGa is a 17 year old young man from the Chickasaw and Ho Chunk tribes. In 8 minutes, he and his dad will show you how he made his own drum to play for the Snake Dance and how children and schools in Ireland can make their own snake dances and chant to accompany with their drum.

Beat your Drum West African Percussion (Djembe and Dundun) with Nasira and Monette

West African djembe drum: Take this 15-minute intro to the West African djembe drum and learn how to make the three fundamental sounds of the djembe and play the traditional Mandinka rhythm Moribayassa. If you’re ready for more, you can learn to play the dunduns too and play together with your friends!
Recommended age group: 7 Years +
About the teacher: Nasira Marino Keita is a 14-year-old multi-instrumentalist, living in San Diego, USA. Her mother is percussionist Monette Marino Keita and her father, Mamady Keita from Guinea is one of the most famous djembe players in the world.

Beat your Drum West African Percussion (Dundun) with Nasira and Monette.

West African Dunduns with Nasira: The dunduns are the three stick drums that accompany the West African djembe. Take Nasira’s 10 minute crash course and learn to play all 3 at once to accompany the djembe for the traditional rhythm ‘Moribayassa.’

Brazilian Samba Reggae with Diego and Rafael

Brazilian Samba Reggae with Diego and Rafael: Brazilian Samba Reggae Samba music is the heartbeat of Brazil and Samba Reggae is the most accessible Samba, created so that everyone can join in. Dublin-based Brazilian teenagers, Diego and Rafael will guide you through all the essentials in 15 minutes. You don’t even need your own drums.

Beat your Drum Indian Vocal Drumming with Koushik

Indian Vocal Drumming with Koushik: In India, before you learn to drum with your hands you must first learn to drum with your voice! Koushik will show you in 12 minutes how to play the Indian rhythm Adi Taalam with your voice.
Recommended age group: 6 Years +
About the teacher: Koushik Chandra Shekar is a classical Indian percussionist, from Southern India, specialising in a Southern Indian drum called the mridangam. Based in Dublin, he is best known for his work with the fusion band Jiggy.

Beat your Drum Beginners’ Bodhrán Workshop with Matthew Hurrell O’Connor

Beginner Bodhrán: Learn to play the bodhrán, the traditional Irish drum in 10 minutes with Mattie – you don’t need to have your own drum!
Recommended age group: 5 Years +
About the teacher: Mattie Hurrell-O’Connor is a 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist, composer and bodhrán maker from Dublin. He is also a Cruinniú na nÓg Ambassador.

Beat your Drum Advanced Bodhrán Workshop with Matthew Hurrell O’Connor

Advanced Bodhrán: Already know how to play the bodhrán? Here’s a real challenge for you. See if you can keep up with Mattie – you will need to be an experienced player!
Recommended age group: 9 Years +
About the teacher: Mattie Hurrell-O Connor is a 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist, composer and bodhrán maker from Dublin. Mattie is also a Cruinniú na nÓg 2021 Ambassador.

If you have any queries about the classes or need further information on Beat Your Drum please email Imelda at

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