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Blindboy Podcast in glór: Saturday 29 February

glór can confirm that there were individuals who subsequently tested positive for Covid 19 in attendance at a performance of the Blindboy Podcast which took place in the venue on Saturday 29 February at 8pm.

In line with HSE protocol, glór made immediate contact with health authorities once we were made aware of the situation and shared all relevant information with them. The HSE have subsequently been in touch with those audience members whom they have deemed may be impacted, and have advised on precautionary measures.

No action is required from those who have not already been contacted by the HSE.

Operations at glór continue as normal after management sought advice from the HSE, additional hygiene measures and handwashing advice are in place at the arts centre, and we ask all our staff and customers to follow HSE guidelines on handwashing and respiratory etiquette. Further information is available on the HSE website.