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Artists’ Supper Clubs

A new 2018 initiative, the Artist Supper Clubs are about bringing a range of local artists from both the visual and performance arts worlds together – to spend time networking, meeting new people, and potentially sparking new dialogues or collaborations. The Supper Clubs emerged from the knowledge that being a practising artist can be a lonely occupation at times, and also that artists are rarely wined and dined, and not very often ‘made a fuss of’…

Two supper clubs have been hosted by glór since January, and have involved over 30 artists sharing a meal together in a relaxed atmosphere. Director Orla Flanagan and team invites a range of artists to each evening, and also invites the artists who attend the prior supper to nominate their peers – so that there is a diverse range from the community.

I really, really enjoyed it and loved meeting the others, all interesting people plugging away at their Art. It made us all feel less alone and valued. A wonderful idea!

Jane Murtagh, Artist Metalsmith