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Creative Approach & Policy

glór’s mission is to present quality arts experiences for our audiences, artists and communities, with a particular focus on the traditional arts. glór’s vision is to be a leading multi-disciplinary arts centre of excellence which enhances Clare’s rich cultural landscape, and enriches a wide circle of lives through shared creative events.

Our creative approach at glór is to be pro-active and judicious in the selection of each seasonal programme. Our focus is to present the best touring work, and shows and exhibitions that we feel will connect strongly with our regular attenders, as well as attracting new audiences. We seek arts that will resonate and add meaning to our lives.

As Clare’s flagship arts centre, we aim to optimise the value of glór’s facilities by maximising the venue’s usage and offering our resources to many local communities, whilst maintaining a strong national and international programme of arts and entertainment. Quality of the production, the thematic relevance to our audiences, the calibre of the design and production, the innovation on display, and of course the potential to engage Clare audiences are all factors considered in our programming process.

2018 has been a very productive year of expanding our artist development programme and increasing the quantity of performances and events. Our focus in 2019 will be to sustain this level of activity, and to premiere and co-produce a number of theatre and music productions. The aim with our co-productions will be to foster creativity on-site at glór and in Clare, increase glór’s national profile and form new partnerships. glór’s artistic objectives are to:

  • present an engaging artistic programme across all art forms
  • provide a creative home for artists
  • support the development of new work on site and in glór and in Clare
  • provide well-balanced range of community & commercial events to diversify audiences and showcase new talent
  • provide a cultural and social meeting place for communities
  • provide a broad cultural programme for younger audiences
  • attract younger audiences through educational initiatives, participatory classes, workshops, summer schools
  • improve accessibility provision reflect and celebrate diversity within the programme
  • cultivate strong local and national partners

We intend for glór’s programme to delight, inspire, entertain, provoke and add meaning to people’s lives.

We are members of Theatre Forum, Business to Arts, Ennis Chamber of Commerce, NASC Touring Network and actively support the National Campaign of the Arts.