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glór is a thriving arts centre located in Ennis, which serves the people of Clare and the mid-west with a vibrant programme of theatre, music, dance, visual arts, film and workshops. As a key regional arts centre we present upwards of 500 events attended by over 45,000 people each year.

We work with a wide range of promoters, artists, partners and local festivals to celebrate national, international and local talent, and our gallery, 485-seat theatre and 60-seat studio play host to a diverse range of artists and communities.

Mission & Vision

glór’s mission is to present quality arts experiences for audiences & participants, to provide an exceptional facility for creators, participants, & communities, and to be a creative hub for artists in a range of genres.

As the impetus for glór’s foundation, the traditional arts are an integral component of focus in areas such as new work development & targeted initiatives that celebrate the rich traditional landscape in which glór exists.

glór’s vision is to be a leading multi-disciplinary arts centre of excellence that enhances our cultural landscape, champions artists & enriches a wide circle of lives through shared creative experiences.

We hope that glór’s programme delights, inspires, entertains and provokes.

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